eko robak

Plastic waste management and more

From the beginning of our activity, we have been dealing with the management of various types of plastic waste.

Trust decades of experience

The Eko-Robak company meets the continuous increase in demand for plastic products. This trend causes an increase in the amount of generated waste, which we are happy to help each enterprise deal with.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of storage, combustion and coking of plastic waste and maximize the amount of waste recycled, which consists in reusing the material with the least damage to the environment.

Eko-Robak specializes in the process of obtaining, sorting and the best preparation of raw materials for recycling. This is the area in which we want to improve and develop to be able to meet every requirement that the client sets for us.

Waste collection

At your request, we can collect waste. We have a fleet of loading cars that make transport safer and cheaper.

Waste sorting

Sorting lines and own warehouses allow for efficient and effective sorting of waste.

Waste processing

We will help you recognize plastics and divide them into smaller fractions to make their further processing easier.