Plastic waste management

Waste collection

We are looking for plastics in sorting waste as well as those already sorted. We will collect from you every faction, in every form.

Our offer is directed to recipients and suppliers of processed materials. We are mainly looking for sorting plastics, but not only. We are also interested in sorting, industrial and technical waste. It is not a problem for us to collect a few fractions in bales, big bags, octabins or loose. We are able to collect material in any quantity.

Waste sorting

Our company has facilities adapted to sorting materials in waste. A qualified crew will recognize any type of material.

Sorting lines and our own warehouses that we have allow to collect from your material in any form. By constantly improving the knowledge and qualifications of our crew about the segregation of individual types of waste, we are constantly increasing the level of reuse of plastics. This is important because it saves their storage space, reduces the amount of mixed waste, as well as adapts the raw materials we supply to the individual needs of each client. This is a priority value for us, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the sorting process is tailored to its individual needs. Better knowledge of tasks and certainty that they are performed correctly also increases employee comfort and strengthens the company’s image.

Waste processing

The result of our work is the perfect preparation of the material for its recycling by the final recycler.

We are happy to share our extensive knowledge and extensive experience in the field of plastic waste processing. With the greatest pleasure we will help you recognize each type of material and divide it into fractions so that their further processing is easier. Currently, our offer is addressed to recipients and suppliers of processed materials. However, we hope that in the near future we will be able to expand it and start the process of milling, which we will also be able to supply.